About Us

If you are looking for auto transporters to move your vehicle, we can help you with your transport needs? Car Shipper USA is the name you can trust! With over 10 years of experience transporting vehicles to all types of customers, our auto transport packages are among the best in the industry.

Unlike other transport companies, we won’t charge you with a deposit until our driver has been dispatched to pick up your vehicle. Over the years, we have found out who the most reputable drivers were, and we only use these reliable drivers for our customers.

These drivers are very experienced, fully-insured, and current on their insurance. We pride ourselves to be the most reliable and cost-effective auto transport in the industry today.

With headquarters in the heart of Florida, the Car Shipper USA, LLC team is enjoying a hardworking year of delivering vehicles nationwide.

Who We Are

Car Shipper USA, LLCis a full-service arranger of vehicle transportation solutions for virtually any type of vehicle. MC 669582

What We Do

We are dedicated to providing you with individualized, first-class customer service – whether you need transportation for a prized collector car, advice on relocating your family minivan, or transport for an online or out-of-state or out of the country vehicle.

What Sets Us Apart

We are auto-transportation arranging experts. Our management staff brings more than 25 years of auto-transport experience to the table. In addition to being knowledgeable, our team is exceptional because many are passionate car collectors and enthusiasts

Early-on we discovered that we were not arranging to move cargo; that we were not simply vehicle relocators. Instead, we consider ourselves caretakers of one of your most valuable possessions — your car or truck.

It’s more than a small change in wording — it’s a dramatic change in how we treat the customer. You see, a caretaker acts differently than someone providing auto hauling. A caretaker goes to extensive lengths to ensure safety for the vehicle and understands the importance of on-time delivery. A caretaker believes in prompt, personal service and works to keep costs low because it’s the right thing for the customer.

We encourage you to have a look around our web site. It explains why Car Shipper USA, LLC is a licensed FMCSA broker that offers the best transportation package in the industry and will answer any questions you might have.

We are located in Florida and we ship vehicles to any & all of the states in the US.

For more information to other questions you may have, visit our FAQ page on this website.

Our years of experience made us among the most trusted auto transporters in Florida. Are you ready to start working with auto transporters from Car Shipper USA? You can reach us by calling 1-866-888-2401 for your FREE quote.

Remember: you don’t need to place a deposit up front until we’ve scheduled a carrier & have given you the carrier/driver’s name & phone number first.

You can also Request a Quote from us to find out what it will cost to ship your vehicle.