Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance do I need to schedule my transport?

As soon as you have specific dates, we ask that you fill out a  Booking Form which gives us consent to begin setting up your transport. We suggest to order transportation services at least 5 to 7 days prior to your requested pick-up date.

If, however, your vehicle is available immediately, we will attempt to work with you on your preferred dates. By placing your order in advance, we have a greater chance of picking up your vehicle on or as close as possible to your requested date.

Pick-up dates and delivery times are not guaranteed. Immediate pick-ups may be better achieved at an additional cost (please discuss this with your rep if it applies)…

How long does it take to transport a vehicle?

There are several factors that affect transportation times:

  • Varying pick-up times
  • The total distance between pick-up and delivery
  • Uncontrollable factors such as weather conditions, traffic, and truck maintenance
  • Trip planningGenerally, most coast-to-coast moves take between 10 and 14 days. Transit times up and down the coasts range from 3 to 10 days. Inclement weather, traffic, and truck maintenance may lengthen transit time, depending on their severity. Trip planning and route coordination is determined by current orders. For example, if your vehicle is the last to load and the first to unload, the transit time will be drastically reduced. If your vehicle is the first to load and the last to unload, the transportation time will be lengthened.Pick-up dates and delivery times are not guaranteed. Guaranteed and immediate pick-ups are available at an additional cost.

Can I pack things in my car?

We prefer not to ship personal belongings inside a vehicle. Personal belongings that are inside the car at the time of transport are not insured. Car Shipper USA, LLC is not responsible for objects that are not part of the vehicle.

If you do decide to place objects inside the vehicle, please keep them “light and out of sight.” Due to the numerous weight restrictions that are placed on trucks, we will not allow objects whose weight is estimated to be in excess of 100 lbs. Remember, since these items are not insured, we ask that they be securely positioned in an area that is not visible. Unseen objects do not draw attention to themselves, the vehicle, or other vehicles on the carrier.


What is the difference between an Open and an Enclosed Carrier?

Generally, an Open Carrier is similar to those you see transporting cars to and from dealerships. These carriers range in size and capacity. Vehicles that are moved via an open carrier are exposed to inclement weather and road conditions.

Enclosed Carriers also range in size and capacity. Since these carriers are covered, the vehicles in transit are not subjected to inclement weather or road conditions. Enclosed carriers are recommended for custom and exotic cars.

Is Car Shipper USA, LLC  insured?

Yes. Our insurance covers the value of any vehicle that we transport.

In the event we use an agent to transport your vehicle, we verify that this agent has an active insurance policy with acceptable coverage. In addition to verification, it is our policy to have agents add our name to their certificate of insurance. This ensures advance notice in the event an agent’s insurance policy changes status.

Is Car Shipper USA, LLC  licensed?

YES. Car Shipper USA, LLC is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, holding Motor Carrier authority under Certificate No. 04-1135075

What happens if I’m not available when the truck comes to deliver the vehicle?

We try to keep each customer well informed during the entire shipping process. It is our policy to call the customer 12 to 24 hours in advance of delivery to establish a more accurate estimated time of arrival and to work out specific directions. We ask that you make yourself as available as possible.

In the event you are not able to take possession of your vehicle upon delivery, your vehicle will be placed at a terminal as close to your home as possible. If your vehicle is placed at a terminal, you, the customer, will be responsible for all terminal and holding costs. Even though a vehicle is placed at a terminal, it is still possible to provide door delivery at an additional cost.

The vehicle will not be released until all funds are settled with both Car Shipper USA, LLC and the terminal.

Where will my vehicle be picked up and delivered?

Home/Door Service

The vehicle will be picked up as close to your home as possible. In some cases we ask that you meet our truck at a mutually appealing location such as a supermarket or some other large parking lot. This is due to the typically large size of the trucks and the inability to maneuver through many streets, and under low bridges, wires, and branches.


What can I do to reduce my price?

We hope that the higher level of service you will receive from Car Shipper USA, LLC is well worth the cost. With us, you get more for your moving dollar. True, there are other carriers, but can you put a price on peace of mind?

How do I pay for services?

Remember: Unlike other transport companies, you do not need to pay a deposit up front. Not until after we’ve scheduled and secured a carrier for you & have given you the carrier/driver’s name & phone number first.

The deposit can be paid either via PayPal (using a CC), money order, cashiers check or can be deposited/transferred directly into our Bank of America or Chase Bank account (simply ask for our account info)…

The balance/C.O.D. can be paid with either; cash, money order, cashiers check, other certified funds.

If cancelled, deposit will be applied as a credit towards your next vehicle transfer.

HELP! I need my car now?!

We wouldn’t call ourselves Car Shipper USA, LLC if we didn’t offer best service, could we?

Please call us at 954 322 6662 for details.